Decoration Sensation


So I guess you could say this is my first time inviting someone into my room on the first date, but I’m feeling wild, so come on in!

Since we’re in my bed room, we might as well talk about some of the things that get me in the mood…  you know, like flowers, books, and candles of course!! There is no better feeling than a clutter free, and clean house to come home to, especially after a long day. I didn’t start to notice how important it was, until I moved into my own house and realized I have this awful disease of having to clean the entire house before I can do anything productive. Anyone else catch that cold? Goshhhh what a curse it is! But don’t be fooled guys, my room doesn’t always look picture perfect! I think a good tip to a peaceful life, is ending your day in a place that is somewhat minimalistic, clean, and has a touch of aroma therapy.

One thing to know about me is I love to decorate, especially anything that has to do with DIY! My poor mother growing up had to deal with me constantly moving the house around, and painting all of the furniture! Whoooopsies… This obsession probably stemmed from being a 10 year old little kid with no money, having to work with what I had, but then again I’m a college student now and not much has changed (nothing like college to be the budgeting monster in my life)! When you have the urge to decorate the world like I do, it can be a test of patience to hunt for things in order to get the look you want. So the best advice I can give and still stick to, is work with what you have, and change it until you like it!

I get so many questions from people that come into my room about where I get stuff, or how I come up with things, and all I have to say is thrifting is your best friend. That is if you’re willing to put in the work. I promise you, if you can create a few projects to get what you’re envisioning, it will be worth it. My bed frame is wood pallets, that only came one at a time and took a couple weeks to collect! Honestly driving around the backs of industrial lots is where I have the best luck! I also hunted for one extra one to make the back drop behind my dresser with the mason jars plant pots. That was seriously the most simple masterpiece I’ve ever created (power tools needed haha)! You can buy the hinges at home depot for like $.50! My cute little shabby chic dresser, was initially found at a thrift store as a hideous black and a green chunk of wood with no hope… we quickly introduced it to white paint and a little distressing goodness. These all came with some hours on the clock, but who doesn’t love a good craft?!

A few must haves for that cozy humble abode:

-Candles, Candles, Candles. There is just something about a little smell good flame, that makes you feel good. Especially when you turn the lights out and play some Elvis Presley on the record player to go along with the flicker (My wood Crosley can be found here). My favorite candle right now is from Anthropologie, and the best way to describe it is heavenly. It. Is. Amazing. I’m serious ya’ll invest in one of these bad boys.

-Good Reads. I am not a fan of reading, if I’m being honest. But the alternative to having to read a book, are magazines, small snippets of poem books (Milk and Honey is good one for those hopeless romantics like me out there), and of course the O.G., Bible. They make for great decoration, as well as when I am struggling to find time with God, I like to leave my bible sitting out to remind me to pull my act together and dig in before I head to bed.

-Flowers. Yes ya’ll already know my weak spot for um. There is nothing better.            NUFF SAID.

-Some cozy extras. For me this means 9730284 pillows, white sheets, and green plants everywhere to fill that hipster craving I have from time to time. Whatever makes you feel good, do  it.

Happy decorating!



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